September 2014

Enjoy our newsletter, out twice a year, full of news and always a feature article from one of our guest speakers, PhD candidates, or members.

Welcome to our September 2014 Newsletter. This is our 80th newsletter over the last 27 years. This is the 11th newsletter in full colour delivered as an eNewsletter, or electronic newsletter. Well done to all volunteers involved in its production over the years.

In June 2014, we were delighted to have Dr Jeremy Hultin, (Lecturer in New Testament at Murdoch University) with his very interesting topic: What’s in a Name? The Name Symeon Peter (Συμέων Πέτρος) in 2 Peter 1:1.

This event was very well attended and it was pleasing to see so many coming out on a cold wintery day and supporting the Society.

We have four upcoming events for the remainder of 2014 and you can read about these on page 3 and on the calendar of events on page 15.

In addition, we are well underway in making plans for our 2015 Annual May SSEC conference and Conference “curtain raiser” events. The conference theme will be “The early Church: Cults and Controversies.” The keynote speaker is Professor Paul Trebilco from University of Otago. Read more about these two events on page 3.

As in previous years, we are expecting speakers of international reputation. If you would like to give a paper, then please apply by Friday 7 November 2014. Read more about submitting an abstract on page 3.

Once again, thank you to all SSEC members who attend our events & continue to make them a worthwhile learning endeavour.

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