Past Winners

SSEC in action – these are our past scholarship and prize winners. If you are a member there is an opportunity to catch up with them on Where are They Now page. Applications for the scholarships are announced in the News and Events page and on the MQ Ancient History Scholarship page.

Macquarie/Tyndale Cambridge scholarship

Tyndale House, Cambridge, is a research institute housing one of the world’s most advanced libraries for biblical scholarship.

2021: Gillian Spalding-Stracey

2020: Charles Thorne

2019: David Evans

2018: Marty Feltham

2017: Benjamin Overcash

2016: Lydia Gore-Jones and Rory Shiner

2015: James Unwin

2014: Lyn Kidson

2013: Julien Ogereau

2012: Bradley Bitner

2011: Shin Min Seok

2010: Murray Smith

2009: Bernard Doherty and Gerald Donker

Patricia Geidans’ Prize

This prize is awarded for the best thesis in the Master of Research programme at MQ in the broad area of

Early Christian and Jewish Studies. Patricia Geidans, OAM, was a founding member of the Society and the secretary for many years.

2020: Patricia Dean.