Archive: Annual Conference 2021

“God and Mammon: The Economy of the Early Churches in the Roman Empire

Held on Saturday, 1st May, 2021, at Robert Menzies College.

Dr Michael Theophilos was our key note speaker and the SSEC fellow for 2021. He is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. His most recent monograph is Numismatics and Greek Lexicography. London: Bloomsbury, 2019.

These talks are available to the public.

The Day

8.30am-9.00am Registration Tea and Coffee available 
9.00am-9.05amWelcomeDr Peter Davis, Master of Robert Menzies College 
9.05am-9.45am Laurence Welborn TBA
9.50am-10.30am Chris Forbes God, Mammon, and “Cashless Societies”: bridging the gap between First and Twenty-First Centuries  
10.30am-10.55am Morning Tea Tea, coffee and refreshments provided 
10.55am-11.35am Amelia Brown For Love or Money?: Conversion to Christianity in Aegean Port Cities, from St Paul Onwards
11.40am-12.25pm Keynote Speaker Michael Theophilos TBA
12.30-12.45pm Alanna Nobbs Book Celebrations  
12.45pm-1.35pm Lunch Break  Tea, coffee and lunch provided 
1.35pm-2.15pm Jim Harrison The Hypocrisy of Honour Culture in Antiquity: Jesus’ Commendation of an Impoverished Widow Benefactor in Luke 20:45-21:4
2.20pm-3.00pm Peter Docherty The Problem of Equality in 2 Corinthians 8:13-15
3.00pm-3.20pm Afternoon Tea Tea, coffee and refreshments provided 
3.20pm-4.00pm Lyn Kidson Real Widows, Young Widows, and the Limits of Benefaction in 1 Timothy 5:3-16
4.05pm-4.45pm Adam White Paul, Embezzlement, and the Corinthian Christ Group: An Examination of the Charges against Paul in Light of Similar Groups in Antiquity

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